Right now we're making plans for a more permanent rabbitry structure. Our current area is still under reconstruction. We're working on switching out cages and directing our focus onto a select number of breeds.
We are still in the process of getting our new bucks and does, and searching around for prospective additions to the rabbitry. We have two Silver Fox does on hold for us out in Bowdoin, and when we pick them up we'll also be getting a BEW Lionhead buck.
We are debating still where to get a new Satin buck and what color we are looking for. We're hoping to find a breeding age Red Satin buck, but we might end up getting a Blue or another Chocolate Otter. We'll just have to see what we find. We plan to add him by Christmas, but might end up waiting longer if we locate a really nice buck.
We are waiting for the eyes to open on a litter of Lionheads from Razzy's Rabbitry out in Augusta. We're hoping to find a doe with blue eyes and a nice mane.
We're passively searching for some nice Holland Lops. We are debating switching from Mini Lops to Hollands, but have not decided anything yet. In the very least, we do plan to add at least one Holland doe to Scruffles to breed for smaller Lionlops. We're thinking of getting an opal or blue doe with the possibility of a chocolate doe. I'd love to find a nice harlequin or tricolor, possibly a broken orange. But again, everything is up in the air for that. We don't have a set date as to when we plan to do that, or when to be expecting any Holland or Lionlop kits. 
4/29/2013 14:06:21

Why havent you updated your site?

2/18/2014 14:31:31

I am thinking about one of your best mini lop's ever!:).


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